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Stuck Like Glue

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One of the components that makes up a good label is its ability to stay on and maintain its appearance over time and through many washes. Whether the labels are our iron on clothing labels, sew-on labels, or stick on labels, we have focused on durability in designing them, meaning that the labels you put on will stay on.

Many labels that are commercially available have been designed well but have sub-par adhesive quality, meaning the corners begin to come loose or the entire label peels off after a few runs through the washing machine. This can be incredibly frustrating, and, if you are running a small clothing business, it can be detrimental to your business.

Having used our own labels on many of our clothing products ourselves, we can assure you that they stay on well. When ordering labels from us, you can be sure that once they are stuck, they will stay stuck unless you intentionally remove them.