Stylish Labels for Stylish Kids

Stylish Labels for Stylish Kids

Adding labels to your child’s clothing is a great way to ensure that it never gets lost. However, your older child may not be fond of the idea of putting her name on her clothes. She wants to be fashionable — she doesn’t want to look like a toddler. That is why we offer custom clothing labels in various styles.

With custom labels, you can add a label that is professional and sophisticated. A label doesn’t have to be ugly and obtrusive. In fact, it shouldn’t be ugly and obtrusive! It should blend in with the garment in such a way that it isn’t easily noticed. Our labels can be designed personally by you, ensuring that they are the perfect fit for all of your older child’s clothes.

You can add as many as four lines of text to one of our labels. Or, you can opt to keep things simple with just your child’s name. Our sew-in and iron-on labels mean that you don’t have to worry about the label falling off — and your child doesn’t have to worry about it irritating her skin. You can choose from various styles and colors, so each label will blend well with the fabric of the garment. You can even choose from different font styles to create a truly unique look.

Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels to learn more about our selection of quality clothing labels. Now is the time to keep track of your child’s clothes, without sacrificing her personal style.

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