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Sweater Care Tips

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Sweater Care Tips

You can design beautiful sewing labels and order the perfect type of name labels for the sweaters you sell in your store, but if your customers don’t know how to properly care for them, you might as well not put in the effort, at all. If cared for incorrectly, sweaters stretch and lose their shape, and if customers aren’t aware of this fact, they may blame the changes on the quality of your clothing, instead of their poor care for it.

Take the time to advise your customers of the following sweater care tips, so that you can attach clothing labels with pride:

  1. Make sure you fold sweaters, instead of hanging them, since the weight of the sweater will pull downward, stretching the shoulders into a funny shape. The entire sweater will also expand this way, resulting in a much larger sweater coming off the hanger, than the one that went on.
  1. Regularly de-pill your sweater, so pills don’t build up and ruin the entire sweater. Pills often occur at high friction areas, like in the armpits and near the elbows of the sweater, so purchase an inexpensive electric depiller, or pick them off by hand after each wear, or after every several wears.
  1. If you find a hole in your sweater, make sure you repair it quickly, before it gets larger and the sweater must be recycled. Since sweaters are often woven or fuzzy, holes can he hidden much easier than with cotton clothing, but you must catch the holes early.