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Tagless Heat Transfer Tips

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Tagless heat transfer custom labels are a great option for many clothing lines. If you design, manufacture or sell clothing for the elderly, for children or for a hip crowd, this may be the perfect custom clothing label for you. These labels won’t do you any good if you don’t attach them properly, however.  Unlike with sewing labels, you can’t simply remove the label and try to attach it again.

Here are some tips for properly ironing on your ink transfers:

  1. The first tip we can give you is do not use steam. If you use steam when you iron on your ink transfer, it will dilute the bonding agents and cause the label to bond poorly and peel off, not bond at all or bond in patches.
  2. Set your iron between 302 and 320 degrees F. If you have a higher heat, the iron may melt the vellum backing onto the garment, running the entire garment along with the ink transfer.
  3. Make sure the adhesive side is face down on the garment before you begin ironing. If you accidentally iron it with the adhesive facing up, it will bond with the iron and ruin your iron.
  4. Press straight down on your iron with a firm pressure for eight seconds. Avoid sweeping motions or the ink transfer may not bond evenly to your garment.
  5. Whether you choose a hot peel or cool peel method, make sure you grip the corner and pull off the backing swiftly. Pulling slowly could harm the ink transfer or cause it to peel off.