Tagless Heat Transfers

Tagless Heat Transfers

Tagless Heat Transfers were developed years ago, and have typically been used as custom name label lettering and decals on the inside back of t-shirts where custom clothing labels would often be attached. Today, they have developed beyond this and are often used quite creatively to avoid attaching sewing labels.

Instead of simply ordering your company’s name and the garment’s size, you can attach all of the information you would otherwise include on a sew-in or iron-on label, such as where the garment was made, what it is made from, the size, your logo, and more. These are easy to attach, don’t cause any bumps or added creases to your garment, and don’t irritate sensitive skin.

These ink transfers are heat and moisture resistant, once they are applied, and tend to be cost-effective. They are also quite durable, making them perfect for infant garments, since they will last through many washes and aren’t irritable to soft baby skin.

We recommend designing your ink transfer just like you would design a clothing label. You don’t want it to be too delicate or complicated, lest it be hard to read when printed small. Carefully consider the colors and the color of the garment to which you will be attaching it, since there is no white background fabric like there is with a more traditional label, and make sure you choose a size that will work on your garment. You also need to consider the fabric of your garment. For example, delicate silk items can’t undergo the heat of an iron without being damaged, so you will need to buy a material label, instead of an iron-on ink transfer.

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