The Perfect Labels for Handmade Items

The Perfect Labels for Handmade Items

Whether creating new pieces for a boutique or making handmade garments for loved ones, custom woven labels offer the perfect final touch. Personalizing your handmade items with this charming add-on increases their value, and with numerous styles to choose from across lettering, colors, and icons, there’s sure to be a personalized option that works best for you! 

Distinguished Garments

Having a unique and captivating clothing label is important for small businesses because it helps to build brand recognition. A woven label with a distinct color combination or icon portrays a message of specialty with regards to the garments. This, in turn, sets them apart from competitors and enhances the value of the brand.  

Thoughtful Gifts 

For those who enjoy making handmade gifts for that special someone, attaching a specialized label adds a thoughtful finishing touch, letting the wearer know their garment was made with love. Labels can be used for clothing accessories like hats or scarves and even home decor, such as a custom-made towel set. Whether you need a smaller, more delicate sewing label or a larger, bolder design, there is a large range of size options to choose from at It’s Mine! Labels.  

Avoiding the Lost & Found

On a more practical level, custom labels are useful in preventing theft or loss of items and can even help with identification. Iron-on clothing labels are ideal for senior citizens, whether in a nursing home or senior living community, where items can get mixed up between residents. Having labels on all clothing will ensure the residents return with all of the items with which they entered. In an emergency situation, having a custom label with a telephone number inside the individual’s garment could assist emergency responders in getting in contact with the family too. Woven sewing labels are ideal for non-heat resistant fabrics, and can also be removed easily, when necessary. 

Likewise, kids clothing labels are an easy, convenient option for parents to help kids keep track of their clothing and other items when at school or away from home. Contrasting colors are recommended for this purpose, so the text is easily legible.  

Knowing that all labels from It’s Mine! Labels are high quality, with an extensive range of product offerings, there’s no reason not to label your items. Creativity is encouraged when creating your order, so contact us today!

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