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Tips for Attaching Fabric Labels to Clothing

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If you love to make handmade clothing, using clothing labels for your designs gives them more of an authentic feel. These labels can come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. By purchasing the labels from a store that custom makes them, you end up with a product that is unique and well made. However, you still have to figure out where to attach the labels and how.

  1. Stitch into the upper back of the item. You can take an already-made label, stitch around all four sides of it, and place it anywhere within the outfit. However, the upper back near the seam is the most common place to look for a label. Before stitching, make sure to turn all four sides under.
  2. Stitch into a seam. If you plan to stitch a label into a seam, you’ll need to turn the three ends under and stitch them in place before adding the tag to the fabric.
  3. Stitch a loop into a seam. There are different ways to make a loop, but the easiest method involves an iron. Take a long, slender tag and fold each end up, making two 90-degree angles. Place a sheet of parchment paper or some thin cotton over the label, and iron the ends in place. Then, take the label, and sew it in. Ironing makes the label stay put, which makes sewing much easier.
  4. No-sew labels. Some labels are iron-on or button-on. These labels attach easily and can be removed. Just iron on a label that has adhesive on the back to the clothing. For a button-on label, just sew on buttons or snaps, and then snap the label on.

For more information about using labels on clothing, contact us at It’s Mine Labels!