Tips for Labeling Woven Material

Tips for Labeling Woven Material

The label experts at It’s Mine Labels understand that woven products can be some of the most difficult to label, and have conducted many trials to find the perfect labels for these types of products. Here are the basics of what they found.

First, woven products tend to have a more rustic, home-made look to them, and you generally don’t want to finish them off with a label that looks too clean and mass produced. This is why the selection of labels for woven materials is generally made to look slightly more personal with touches like embroidery for the text instead of printed type. The labels are also made from a sturdier material so that they have a hardier feel and need to be sewn on instead of ironed on.

The woven labels can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Classic Woven Labels
  2. Designer Woven Labels
  3. ID Woven Labels

Each is available in different sizes, and the main difference lies in the overall look of each style.

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