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Tips for Those With Sensitive Skin

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We here at It’s Mine Labels understand how annoying tags and labels can be if you have sensitive skin, so we’ve created label and tag options for people will all types of skin, from tough to princess-and-the-pea sensitive.

If you have sensitive skin, start by avoiding most sew-on labels. The added thread and edges can irritate your skin more easily. You should also look for fabric that is softer and more natural, like silky fabric or cotton instead of polyester. Iron-on labels are a moderately good alternative to sew-on labels, since the edges tend to be more flush with the fabric they are attached to.

For those who find even these too irritating, ink transfers offer less room for irritation. Placing the label or tag on a nontraditional portion of your garment may also help alleviate irritation, such as just inside a loose sleeve, or right above the bottom hem. Try different areas and see which part works the best for you.