Tips for Saving Money on Your Custom Clothes Labels

Tips for Saving Money on Your Custom Clothes Labels

It can be very exciting to start a small business, especially if that business is a reflection of your creativity. Lots of people have begun selling their handmade items like scarves and hats online, or going the distance and starting up their very own clothing line. One of the necessary projects for running a business is budgeting, and it’s important to consider your costs from every angle, including custom clothes labels.

When planning how much you might be willing to spend on materials, labor, and other odds and ends that go along with running a business, smaller things can be taken for granted. A piece of clothing in a brick and mortar store looks incomplete without a care tag and garment labels. One way to make your garments look professional is by adding custom clothes tags to let them know the size and brand of their clothing. Many people forget to factor the cost of labels into the cost of manufacturing the garments for their website or store, which can then rack up quite a bill once you consider the name label, the care label and the hangtag. If you want to get creative, your labels get still more expensive.

Tips for Custom Clothes Labels

Getting creative with your labels should not mean you have to break the bank, however. To help you plan your clothing line, here are some tips to get the most out of your labels and save money in the process:

  1. Save Space: If you opt to go with smaller labels, you are also opting to go with a smaller price tag. This is true to a point, as very small labels begin to get more expensive since they are more difficult to manufacture. You need to weigh the costs and benefits before selecting a size, as choosing a label that is too small may make your label difficult to read. No one likes an itchy label, so don’t spend money for a long label that a future customer will just want to snip out.
  2. Strive for Simplicity: The touch of elegance is often found in the simplest things. Don’t feel like you need to go all out on your label to be taken seriously as a creator when commercial fashion studios can get away with plain black and white labels. There are lots of tricks to show off your creativity and make an attractive label while keeping costs down. If you choose fewer colors but attach the label with color thread or use colored ribbon around the edges, you can make a less extravagant label look beautiful. As a bonus, more simple custom clothes labels, like woven labels that only use one or two colors, are cheaper than elaborate, full color labels.
  3. Think Thin: Thin hang tags are less expensive than thicker tags, and since these are likely to be torn off and discarded not long after purchase, we recommend using a creative design and a thinner paper to print it on. Additionally, the thinner custom clothes labels are smoother to the touch, and easily blend in with clothing so that it feels like they aren’t even there. Consider the clientele for your brand and if an iron-on label would be a better choice for them.

Visit our main product page for more descriptions and label costs, as well as sample pictures and preview tools. And if you’re still in the planning phases, take a look at our guide for how to start a custom clothing label.

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