Top Five Ways to Personalize Your Wardrobe

Top Five Ways to Personalize Your Wardrobe

Your personal style should be a reflection of your interests and personality, honed over the years as your look evolves. If your fashion sense could use sprucing up, it’s easy to add flair to your wardrobe. From vintage shopping, to finding a great tailor and crafting with name labels, customizing your wardrobe can create excellent results without breaking the bank.

Tailoring Your Clothing

Chances are, much of your closet is full of separates that were mass-produced for purchase. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have access to custom-made clothing that fits flawlessly, but a great tailor can go a long way in that direction. Find a seamstress in your area who can take in your favorite dress, or hem pants so they work with a great pair of on-trend shoes. These simple projects can transform your wardrobe and personalize your sense of style. Tailors can also repair rips and tears so you don’t have to lose your favorite pieces due to small problems that arise. Get creative—they can even make changes to pieces from the mall. For example, swapping out the color of zipper on a new sweatshirt in order to give a whole new look for only a few dollars.

Shop Vintage

Styles change, but it doesn’t mean they have to leave your closet. Older pieces of clothing that are in good shape can easily be repurposed as part of a brand new outfit. Raid a friend or sibling’s closet for quality pieces that still look great, or hit your local vintage shop. Vintage clothing inspires many designers, so it’s possible to find a gently worn dress from a previous decade that looks like it just came off this season’s runway.


If you’d like to upgrade your personal style without going over the top, try accessories. Jewelry, shoes, scarves, and more can be added to spruce up an otherwise-basic outfit. For example, adding a pair of edgy, thick-soled shoes to a simple shirtdress; or piling on bangles for a shiny and luxurious look.

Get Inspired

Channel your favorite celebrities or personalities while shopping for new clothes. Paparazzi photos and fashion blogs abound on the Internet, so you’re sure to find your muse. Take style cues from their photos—do they primarily wear designer? Favor monochromatic looks over prints? You can always recreate the look for less using vintage pieces or on-trend items from stores like Forever 21 or H&M.


If all else fails, get crafty! Ask a friend to help you add grommets or studs to upcyle a favorite jacket, or switch the buttons on a blouse to update an old look. You can also add sewing labels for a piece that’s as unique as you are

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Sewing labels

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