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Top Three Garment Labels

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If you are stumped as to what kind of custom clothing labels you should use on your garments, and you want something fresh to liven up your designs, we have just the thing for you. Here are three of the top clothing labels to spruce up your store:

  1. Woven Labels: Woven labels have a classic, handmade feel to them. They are one of the most common types of name labels used today, and since the information is literally woven into the label instead of printed on it, it will not fade or rub off, no matter how long it is worn. Make sure you test the design before you place your order, though, as a lot of thin lines and intricate logos will come out difficult to read.
  2. Hang Tags: Hang tags are often the most visible type of label, and are the first label that many customers see when they look at your garment. Try elegant or catchy art work, or a clever font. Vibrant hang tags may at first seem like a silly idea, but they will stand out and attract customers to your garment immediately. Make sure you include your company or brand name and other relevant information. You can also consider attaching this tag with a ribbon, twine or another creative material.
  3. Branding or Neck Label: These labels are often sewn or ironed into the neckline of a t-shirt and help to establish a brand. Focus on the colors and size, and make sure the font is readable once printed.