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Travel Essentials

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Summer is here, meaning you are likely packing your bags for travel. Whether you are taking a long vacation or a mini staycation, It’s Mine Labels has all of the essential products to ensure your belongings stay organized and don’t get lost.

Here are a few travel essentials for you and your family this summer:

  • Bag Tags: Bag tags come in fun, mini, and standard varieties, meaning you can find name labels for everyone in your family. These are especially ideal for attaching to any suitcases if you are flying, as they make it easy to identify your suitcase when it comes off of the belt. You should also order these with a name and phone number, and attach it to any carry-ons, suitcases, sporting bags, and purses you take. This way, if you lose a bag, whoever finds it knows how to contact you to return it.
  • Shoe Bags:  Shoes are a pain to pack. They take up space and can get your clothes dirty. Order custom shoe bags with a design and a name to easily separate your shoes from the other items in your bag. This is also great if your shoes get dirty or wet while you are travelling, as your other clothes stay clean and odor free.
  • Stick-On Tags for Clothes: These labels for clothing adhere directly to the label already in your clothes, and help ensure that everyone’s garments stay in their suitcases. Without any sort of custom clothing label, it is easy to mix up clothes, particularly if you have kids that are close in age, and these labels can help avoid fights on your trip.