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Turn Your Talent into Dollars

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When you have a knack for creating beautiful pieces of clothing with your hands, you need to take advantage of that skill and market your products. Starting a clothing business from home is your first step towards becoming the next big name in the fashion industry. Of course, before you can become the next Calvin Klein, you have to start small — at home and with your own custom clothing labels. Creating the perfect name for your line of clothing is easy enough. Creating the perfect labels — that’s something that needs to be left to the pros here at It’s Mine Labels.

Labeling is our specialty. We take great pride in helping our clients create gorgeous custom labels that fit unique styles and personalities. Once you have your label design in mind, we can bring it to life. Our sew-on labels are perfect for adding to each one of your hand-designed pieces. You can choose from different fonts, colors, icons, and lines of text. We give you every option possible to ensure that you can create the perfect, personalized label.

Another great feature of our sew-on labels is that they are available in a wide range of quantities. You can choose from as few as 10 labels to as many as 100 — you are only limited by the amount of handmade items you want to produce. If you are ready to launch your own clothing line, if you are ready to take your talent and start earning a living with it, contact us today at It’s Mine Labels, and let us create your personalized label. Who knows? Maybe, someday, your label will be a household name!