The Types of Clothing Tags and How They Attach

The Types of Clothing Tags and How They Attach

When you think about clothing tags, what comes to mind? Most of us think of the black and white industrial label stitched in the back of mass produced shirts produced by commercial clothing lines. Many people might not realize this, but when you’re developing your own clothing line, there are many different types of clothing tags to choose from. When you use one of the options of custom clothing attachments from It’s Mine! Labels, you also have some flexibility in how you choose to attach the labels.

Different Types of Clothing Tags

Before starting your next sewing project, consider the different types of tags and some of our ideas about how to make them your own!

  1. Sew-On Labels: We are proud to be able to provide an immense selection of different sizes and styles of sew-on labels. The soft fabric of our sew-on labels allows for many different ways of using these custom clothing tag attachments. Most people opt to sew on their labels near the base of the neck, as is the typical way commercial brands attach them. That certainly works, but those who wish can also choose to sew the labels into any seams, either at the neck or inside of the clothing, usually located on the side. In some cases, you can even loop the label to hang the item on a hook at home or in a locker at school. Use some colored thread to attach your label, or try out our customization features.
  2. Iron-On Labels: Iron-on labels are easy because they do not require any type of sewing, which can be a real time saver if you need to quickly attach labels to several different items of clothing. Although it would be possible to make a loop tag, most users prefer the tag to lay flat on the fabric. These tags are smooth, so you will never hear any complaints about an itchy tag. After attaching the label, place parchment paper over it and iron one last time to soften the label. If you change your mind about placement, or you no longer need an item labeled, our various iron-on types of clothing tags can even be removed in a pinch!
  3. Snap-On Tags: Button- or snap-on labels are designed to attach and come off fast. These labels are great for items you plan to use for hand-me-downs, especially when you add a name to the label. You can use this type of label by sewing buttons onto the outfit, and then snapping the tag to them. These are great custom clothing tag attachments, especially for children. When a child outgrows an item of clothing, simply pop the tag off the garment and onto the next! You cannot make loop labels with this type of label configuration.

These are just the general description of the different types of clothing tags we have available. For more information about the types of labels we have and their laundry care and attachment procedures, check out our website or contact us at It’s Mine Labels! Visit our product page for example pictures of other creations to inspire and inform!

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