Unique Uses for Labels

Unique Uses for Labels

In addition to labeling new clothing, linens and accessory items that are for sale, the wide selection of labels from It’s Mine Labels can be put to many different creative uses. Here are a few of the best unconventional uses for labels that we have found.


  • Attach labels to the collars of your kids’ clothes when they go away to college. This way if they leave something in the laundry room or if someone borrows something, there’s no doubt about whom the clothes belong to. A label is slightly more lasting and creative than simply writing in their name with a sharpie.


  • If you own a pet and don’t like hearing the sound of clanking pet tags every time your animal runs through the house, sew a label onto his or her collar with their name and your contact information in case your pet gets lost.  They are also ideal for dog beds, blankets, and their other valuable belongings.


  • Young children are constantly losing things. Sew a label onto your elementary school child’s backpack and lunchbox. This way if they lose either, they can be easily identified and returned.

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