Use Name Labels on Employee Uniforms to Prevent Loss

Use Name Labels on Employee Uniforms to Prevent Loss

If you use a professional laundry service to launder your employee provided uniforms, it is recommended to use your own uniform clothing labels. Most laundry services are not responsible for lost and misplaced items. If there is a mix-up at the service, unlabeled clothing could easily end up in another client’s clean laundry, and you are left replacing the uniform for your employee.

By using custom clothing labels with the employee’s name and your company name or logo, the laundry service will know what apparel is yours. While you might be tempted to use fabric markers or permanent markers, the writing does not last long, and it easily fades after a few months. Instead, it is better to use either iron on or sew on labels, because they last longer. Just keep in mind, iron on labels do not work well with all fabric types. If you want to use an iron on labels, order a few and try them out first to make sure they adhere securely.

Besides making it easier to keep track of your employee uniforms, labeling prevents disputes about clothing between your employees, especially when their names are stitched or printed on your custom labels. Another option, if sewing or ironing on labels to your uniforms is a time consuming process, is the snap tag. To learn more about custom labels or snap tags for your employee uniforms, feel free to contact It’s Mine! Labels at 1-866-695-2235.

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