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Uses for Stick on Labels

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The most common surface that people label using stick on labels from It’s Mine Labels are hard, smooth surfaces, such as pill boxes, Sippy cups or iPods. These labels can be useful for labeling many other objects too. Here are a few of our favorite uses for stick on labels.

  • If your child has friends who have the same shoes, or two of your kids have the same shoes, stick on labels are perfect for keeping the shoes and shoe owners straight. The labels are moisture and tear proof, so simply stick them inside the shoe on the sole and then keeping each child shoe’s straight will be easy.
  • You can add a stick on label to the tags already sown into cloths to help your children or elderly loved ones keep track of their clothes. This saves you the trouble of having to iron or sew on a new label.
  • Order longer labels that can be stuck on to pens or other small items that are easy to lose. This way, when your children let their friends borrow pens, they always get them back.