Using Name Labels to Keep Organized

Using Name Labels to Keep Organized

At the turn of a new year many of us start out with the best of intentions to make improvements to our lives. Taking care of our health, being more mindful, becoming more generous, and working on peace of mind.

Our home environments are often places where we can control clutter by organizing shelves, cupboards, etc. which in turn can keep us calmer. (As mothers here in the office (both kids and pets) we appreciate this can be a never-ending task!)  But here are some simple ideas which might help:

  • Bed linens: Add an easy-to-read iron on label to sheets to keep track of sizes or bedrooms, such as Master, Guest, etc. Ideal for smooth surfaces.
  • Clothing: Add a personalized label to clothes to sort laundry more easily. We have labels for underwear, shorts, socks, and more.
  • Crafts: Add a stick-on name label to containers so that you can see what’s in them at a glance.
  • Uniforms: Add a snap-on clothing tag in seconds. Keep track of crew uniforms or hospitality staff uniforms using a discreet numbering system.

With personalized labels and tags for virtually all your needs, we feel confident that you will find the right product to help you keep organized!


The Its Mine Labels Team





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