Ways to Add DIY Flair to Kids Belongings

Ways to Add DIY Flair to Kids Belongings

Permanent markers, ribbon, labels, and paint are easy and inexpensive tools for adding flair to kid’s clothes and accessories. For example, unique custom woven labels can be used to create subtle design details on an array of items, such as adding cute touches on trim or pockets. Try some of the below tips to jazz up your little one’s belongings at a fraction of the cost:

Sewing and Trim

  • Try using iron on clothing labels on the sleeve of a kid’s shirt to include a fun design element that they’ll love.
  • You can also use slender, woven tape labels or ribbon to trim a pocket or shirt collar. A row of basketballs or other sports memorabilia can liven up a plain tee-shirt without incurring the cost of a new one.
  • Line the brim of a baseball cap with ribbon or tape labels for a customized cap.

Markers and Paint

Use paint pens or markers to doodle a design or pattern on kid’s clothing. This can be done on virtually any article of clothing, from shirts to shoes.

  • Paint the back of a denim jacket to imitate patches or pins and add lots of color to a simple garment.
  • Use markets or paint to add a design to a plain tee-shirt. Try smiley faces, stripes, or polka dots – get creative and let kids get in on the fun, too!
  • Colorful or patterned laces are a great way to quickly liven up a pair of shoes or sports cleats. To get really creative, try dip-dyeing or tie-dyeing the laces yourself.

Adding Flair to Bags and Sports Gear

  • Backpacks and Duffels: Use custom embroidered patches to make a boring backpack come to life. A star-shaped patch with your child’s name is a great way to show that they’re your little star, while simultaneously keeping their belongings easy-to-locate. This is especially helpful for labeling duffle bags for extracurricular activities or summer camp. With many label and patch options available, you can stick to a theme – such as football-shaped patches with your child’s name, or a label adorned with a stack of books.
  • Lunch Boxes: Use fruit or vegetable-shaped fabric labels to add flair to an otherwise-plain reusable lunch box – it’s a cute way to make kids remember their lunch on the way out the door in the morning. Also, if you have several kids who are all sent to school with brown bag lunches, use stickers to keep everyone’s snacks in order.
  • Sports Gear: League-supplied sports equipment can be a nightmare to identify if the whole team has the same racquet or hockey stick. Let your child use decorative tape or stick on labels to make gear their very own. Other ideas for gear that can use labels include helmets, mitts and gloves, skateboards, and bicycles.

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Paint and Pain Brushes

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