What are the Best Name Labels for Summer Camp?

What are the Best Name Labels for Summer Camp?

Name Labels for Summer Camp Items

Summer Camp season is here!  If you have children enrolled in either a day or sleep-away summer camp, the chances are you have a long list of items to gather together.  As you pile up all the necessary items, it is easy to realize that you need to make sure they all come home at the end of the season. It is incredibly easy for items to get mislaid, picked up by fellow campers, or simply lost so adding personalized name labels for summer camp items becomes an essential task.

Reduce stress and make things easier for the camper, the counselors, and the camp office by adding a simple personalized label to each item.

How to choose the right name labels


For smooth cotton fabrics, such as t-shirts, bed sheets, khaki shorts, smooth edged towels, etc., printed personalized iron-on labels will work very well. The heat from the iron melts the glue on the label, and has to be set at a very warm/hot setting. Cotton fabrics can take the heat without being damaged.


For synthetic fabrics, which usually have polyester yarns in the mix, an iron-on label would not be suitable. Sometimes the heat from an iron can cause the yarns to pucker.  With these items, a stick-on clothing label would work well.  The adhesive (glue) on these labels is especially designed to bond with polyester yarns.  Usually these labels are stuck onto the satin care label found on a garment’s seam, but they will also stick directly to the fabric if the majority yarn is polyester.


For fabrics which have a soft or fuzzy finish, such as fleece jackets or gloves, blankets, sweaters, soft toys, etc., a personalized sew-in label is the only option. These yarns are not smooth enough to handle an iron-on or stick-on label.  Fully woven, these labels can easily be attached to items with a stitch in each corner.


For items with a smooth hard surface, such as water bottles, flashlights, goggles, toiletries, etc., a simple stick-on name label would be ideal. The adhesive is designed to stick to clean surfaces through rough handling, dishwashers, swimming pools, etc. These labels can have a simple name printed on a plain background, or have fun colorful designs.


For backpacks, instrument cases, day packs, etc. durable Bag Tags are extremely useful.  Lots of backpacks and cases look identical on the campground and a Bag Tag can help identify the correct item at a glance. Available in lots of different designs, a few of these are great to have on hand.  (And can be used year-after-year!)

Need a Combination of Name Labels for Summer Camp?


Many “value packs” come with a handy combination of labels for both clothing and hard items. From simple printed labels, to more extensive colorful camp packages, there are suitable labels for keeping track of virtually everything you need for summer camp!

FAQ ‘s

Q1: Why do I need name labels for summer camp items?

A1: Name labels are essential for ensuring that your child’s camp items come home at the end of the season. Without labels, it’s easy for items to get misplaced or picked up by fellow campers.

Q2: What type of name labels should I use for cotton fabrics like t-shirts and bed sheets?

A2: For cotton fabrics, personalized iron-on labels work well. Make sure to set the iron at a warm/hot setting to melt the glue on the label without damaging the fabric.

Q3: Are iron-on labels suitable for synthetic fabrics with polyester yarns?

A3: No, iron-on labels may not be suitable for synthetic fabrics with polyester yarns, as the heat from the iron can cause puckering. Stick-on clothing labels designed for polyester yarns work better in such cases.

Q4: How should I label soft and fuzzy fabrics like fleece jackets and soft toys?

A4: Soft and fuzzy fabrics require personalized sew-in labels, as they are not suitable for iron-on or stick-on labels. You can easily attach these labels with a stitch in each corner.

Q5: What’s the best labeling option for hard personal belongings like water bottles and toiletries?

A5: For hard items with smooth surfaces, stick-on name labels are ideal. They are designed to adhere to clean surfaces even through rough handling and exposure to various conditions.

Avoid the Lost & Found, and make sure valuable belongings come home with the camper!

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