What Information Should Be on Clothing Labels for Kids?

What Information Should Be on Clothing Labels for Kids?

In today’s society, there is concern over how much information is too much information. This is true especially when it comes to schools asking parents to use name labels on their children’s clothing. Schools do this to ensure clothing does not end up in their lost and found boxes, and that it goes home with the right child. However, what exactly needs to be included on clothing labels for kids?


  1. First Name and Initial of Last Name: If there are two John Smiths in a classroom, then adding your child’s middle initial to the label is sufficient. There should be no reason to put the last name.
  2. The Classroom Number or Teacher’s Name: It is okay to include the teacher’s name or classroom number on the label. If the article of clothing is lost at school, it lets the other teachers know where to return it.


  1. Address: Never put your address on clothing labels. If the article of clothing is lost in a public place, the last thing you want is for someone to know where you live.
  2. Phone Number: Putting a phone number is debatable, and some parents will put a work number, but not their home/cell number. Most other parents, though, are not comfortable with strangers having this information.

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