White Warp of Black Warp Labels

White Warp of Black Warp Labels

Many people believe that white warp or black warp simply refers to the background color of your label. This is a misconception, however. The warp on your sewing label means the base thread on the loom where your label is being created. Black warp will give your custom clothing label a slightly darker cast, while white warp makes your clothing label look brighter. Your background can be nearly any color, as long as the thread is available in that hue, and will merely look slightly brighter or darker based on the warp you choose.

Pros and Cons to White Warp Labels

White warp labels have a bright clean look to them, and are perfect for companies who are trying to create a high fashion, luxury brand. These labels show details well that are woven in, since there are no competing shadows. They can also look like they lack depth since there is no variation in the warp. If a particular color is important for your branding, you should definitely choose white warp, as the color will be represented exactly as you submit it.

Pros and Cons to Black Warp Labels

Black warp labels don’t appear black in the background, but the black shows through the weave a tiny bit to add texture and depth. These can make your labels look more three-dimensional and sophisticated. The black warp can also darken your colors a little bit, which can be a con if you need your colors to exactly match your logo. Make sure you consider both before making your final selection.

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