Writing Care Labels

Writing Care Labels

If you are making or selling clothing either online or in a shop, you are required to have a clothing care label attached to each garment, and there are further regulations on the information that must be contained within this second clothing label.

Those who meet the requirements that necessitate these labels must include the following information:

  • Full care instructions about routine garment care must be provided. A warning must be provided if the garment cannot be regularly cared for at home without the garment being damaged.
  • Customers must be warned if certain procedures that they feel may be consistent with the other instructions on the label might harm the product.
  • You must first ensure that, if followed properly, care labeling instructions will not harm the product.
  • Care labels must be of sufficient quality to remain legible throughout a normally expected lifespan of the product.

Once you order these custom clothing labels, you must attach them before the garment is sold. These labels are traditionally sewing labels, but they don’t have to be, as long as they are fastened securely and the method of attachment doesn’t obstruct the information included in the label.

If you are manufacturing and selling piece goods, such as fabric, you must include care information clearly and conspicuously at the end of each bolt or roll. This will ensure that the retailers on the other end of the apparel industry can properly label their garments. If your cloth is not labeled properly, you may be responsible for damage, down the line.

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