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Sewing Labels

Personalized Sewing Labels

The appeal of sewing labels personalized for the wearer, handcrafter, or business makes a charming statement about the special quality of the clothes, handmade items, and other products.

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Personalized Fabric Sew In Labels



Our sewing labels for clothing are a timeless choice. Whether you’ve designed your own clothing line or need to sew a label in to a clothing item for ownership purposes we’ve got what you need. Personalized fabric labels or tags attached to handmade items, or accessories, makes a charming statement about the special quality of the creation. You might have a small business and want to add the perfect finishing professional touch. Our extensive range of custom labels for clothes, knitting projects, and crocheted items is what you’re looking for.
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We have a large selection of widths, colors, and designs so that you can easily create your own custom sew on label. We understand that the number of labels you need may vary, which is why we offer select labels in small quantities.

Learn more about our extensive range of sew-in labels below and then click on the name of the label you are interested in to access the relevant product page, where you can view all styles, colors and fonts, and place an order.

Our Sewing Labels include:

If you have any further questions, including any about custom artwork, shipping costs and delivery times, please visit our Questions page.