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Iron On Clothing Labels

Enjoy the convenience of clothing labels that iron on, without giving up the range of styles you love.  It’s Mine! is pleased to offer one of the largest selections of durable iron on labels for clothing.  Whether for your children’s school clothes, for laundry needs for seniors, for crafters, or for small businesses, we have just the type of personalized name labels for clothes, linens and handmade items that are ideal for your needs.

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Personalized Iron On Labels

We are pleased to offer YOU ONE OF the largest selectionS

of CLOTHING labels!


Iron on labels can be used on most fabric items including clothing, linens, crafts and accessories.  We have easy-to-read printed name labels, as well as iron on woven labels for an elegant look, and our unique “tagless” Letter Transfers. Choose from a large range of font and design options. Our label preview capabilities allow you to see what your label will look like before placing your order.

Personalized iron on clothing labels are easy to apply to children’s school clothes and clothing for residents in nursing homes who need durable laundry labels. Our attractive woven and satin iron on labels are also ideal for handmade items, and for small businesses who need an elegant and professional looking label.

Learn more about our extensive range of iron on labels below and then click on the name of the label you are interested in to access the relevant product page, where you can view all styles, colors and fonts, and place an order.

If you have any further questions, including about shipping costs and delivery times, please take a look at our Questions page.

Our PERSONALIZED Iron On Labels include: