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From the Craft Corner: How a Handmade Festive Scarf Can Make the Perfect Present

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The holidays are almost here, and what better way to show your festive spirit than knitting a holiday scarf! You can choose to make one for yourself or for someone you love. Nothing says the spirit of giving like a handmade gift for a friend or family member.

A custom clothing label

Here we’ll discuss some of the reasons why a handmade scarf can be the ultimate holiday gift for your loved ones:

A Knitted Scarf is One-of-a-Kind

Anyone can go to a store and buy a mass-produced scarf to give to a friend or family member. Yet, when you make an effort to knit a scarf to give as a present, you’re imparting a personalized gift that’s truly unique and different from everything else. A handmade scarf is a great way to show someone how important they are in your life and the efforts you made to give them something truly special.

A Knitted Scarf is a Personalized Treasure

Long before mass-produced trinkets found their way onto store shelves across the country, many people would give exclusively crafted items to their friends and family to celebrate the holiday. Now, as it was in the past, a handmade knitted scarf presented as a gift is deeply personal. It shows you’ve dedicated your time and energy to crafting a scarf that suits the tastes of the person receiving it. 

A Knitted Scarf Lets You Do Something You’re Passionate About

Another reason to give a handmade scarf as a holiday present is that you have an opportunity to do something you’re passionate about. That way, the gift not only benefits the recipient but also you!

A Knitted Scarf May Be Less Expensive

The materials used to create a handmade scarf may be less expensive than actually purchasing a pre-made one at the store. So you can save money, as well as give unique and personalized gifts to the ones you love.

Don’t Forget the Label!

A handmade clothing label

Since you’ve dedicated your time and energy into making a personalized gift for a family member or friend, don’t forget to add a personalized label to complete the package. It’s Mine Labels can help you add the perfect touch to your knitted scarf. As a leading provider of customized labels on the web, we have just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s ”handmade” clothing labels or custom printed labels, It’s Mine Labels is your source for high-quality labels to keep your clothing and accessories organized and personalized!

Introducing New Custom Woven Label Options – Available Now!

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Are you looking for a way to provide a personal touch to your belongings and products? With custom woven labels from It’s Mine! Labels, you’ll be able to customize the text, color, icon, and more for your labels, and preview them before purchasing.

Now we are proud to introduce new options for our best-selling Classic Woven Label collection. Available as either a sew-on or an iron-on label, the following images show new background colors, and new lettering design styles:

Whether you’re looking for baby clothes tags or small businesses labels, here’s what you should know about our new additions.

Different Styles of Custom Woven Labels

It’s Mine! Labels offers new elegant and stylish labels in a great variety of colors and icons, allowing you to customize them for any purpose. New additions were added to the Classic Woven Fabric Labels collection and the Iron-On Classic Woven Fabric Labels collection.

As you can see from the photos above, we have new styles and backgrounds available. Selected styles are pre-washed to achieve a vintage look to keep up with ongoing trends. We are also introducing a new background color in khaki. 

Custom woven labels can be used for numerous purposes. Whether you need them to identify your family’s belongings or create company branding, our labels are not prone to stretching or fading! Consider using them for:

  • Clothing, so you can keep track of your garments.
  • Crafts, to give them a professional look.
  • Gifts to give away to family or friends.
  • Handmade items like stuffed animals for children.
  • Knitting, crocheting, quilting, and other sewing products.
  • Linens, whether baths or beds.
  • Small business products.
  • And much more!

Different Sizes of Custom Woven Labels

The sizes of custom woven labels we provide vary based on what type they are. Below are the four distinct label sizes we offer and the types that come in them.

  • ⅜” for sew and iron-on classic woven fabric labels
  • ⅝” for sew and iron-on classic woven fabric labels
  • ½” for woven ID labels and designer woven fabric labels 
  • 1” for woven ID labels and designer woven fabric labels

To learn about our custom woven, iron-on, and stick-on clothing labels, visit It’s Mine Labels today for more information!

New Product Announcement: Custom Drawstring Bags Available for Sale

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It’s Mine! Labels is proud to announce new drawstring bags are now available for purchase on our website. These custom drawstring bags can be used for a variety of things, from keeping small kid’s items neatly placed together to packing odds and ends for a family hiking trip. Each custom drawstring bag is made with careful attention to detail, ensuring you have a high-quality bag that provides years of use.

Custom Drawstring Bag Features

Our new drawstring bags are made from durable and lightweight nylon. They’re easy to fold, store, and are machine washable. Bags are available in 12 unique colors, 10 different font choices, and 7 letter color choices. Each bag can be customized to meet your needs and is a great way to organize knick-knacks and other small items. 

Drawstring Bags: A Great Way To Get Organized

Our custom drawstring bags are a great way to get organized. They’re flexible and easy to use, allowing you to adapt each bag to your needs. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to store items in the car or for a trip to the park, custom drawstring bags are the perfect solution for keeping everything organized and neat.

Here are some great ways these new drawstring bags can help you stay ahead of the mess:

  • Keeping small children’s clothing items together, such as scarves, mittens, and hats during the winter months.
  • Storing pet items in one spot like water bowls, balls, leashes, and waste bags.
  • Keep the car organized by having a flashlight, wipes, garbage bags, and other items all in one location in your vehicle.
  • Storing shoes when not in use. This is especially true for athletic shoes like sneakers, soccer cleats, and ballerina shoes.
  • Preparing for a long, long trip by keeping games, snacks, toys, and other items all in one area for easy access.
  • Keeping an extra set of clothes dry and neat when swimming or another activity where you might get dirty, similar to traditional gym bags.

As you can tell, there’s a lot of ways our custom drawstring bags can help you stay organized. There’s no need to worry about our new drawstring bags shrinking in the wash either since each is made with durable nylon! And with our customizable colors and font options, you can personalize each bag for use.

Enjoy Stylish Storage With It’s Mine! Labels’ High-Quality Custom Drawstring Bags

Don’t keep using old plastic grocery bags or easily torn paper bags to store stuff! Enjoy the stylish storage capabilities of our new drawstring bags. Our easy to open and close drawstring design allows for quick access to your belongings. Extremely durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of children, our design is perfect to use for school bags or packing goodies for a sports event.

Each bag can be customized to meet your needs with one of the largest imprint areas currently available. When using these unique drawstring backpacks, you’ll always know what’s inside and who the bag belongs to! Available in a variety of colors, don’t miss out on the hottest trend that’s now gaining popularity across the country.

Choose It’s Mine! Labels for all of your labeling needs! From baby clothes tags to removable clothing tags, we have what you need to keep organized. Contact us today for more information.

Four Homemade Items to Sell at Craft Fairs This Summer

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With summer upon us, now is a fabulous time to pick up on an old hobby or try something new. Crafting is a great activity to expand your mind and show the world your creative talents with homemade items. Great crafts can also put some extra money in your pocket by selling products online as an Etsy seller or at flea markets and craft shows.

Let’s discuss some summer crafts that people will love to see this season!

Can koozies for groom and bride

Outdoor Drink Holder

An outdoor drink holder is an excellent idea for the summer season. When you sell your crafts, you should make sure that they can appeal to many people, and this item can. A great DIY project, an outdoor drink holder is a necessity during cookouts and parties, and also makes a popular gift. It’s affordable to make and can be customized to be a hit with every one of your customers or friends.

T-shirts with humerous sayings

Humorous T-Shirts

If you are looking for attention, nothing is better than a t-shirt that will catch the eyes of people walking by. These shirts are a popular gift idea because they can feel personal, bring a smile, and be super cute. You can also sew labels on these homemade items to add a personal touch and make the garment feel like the perfect addition to someone’s summer wardrobe!

Woman wearing colorful swimsuit cover-up over white one-piece.

Swimwear Cover-Ups and Wraps

If you’re handy with a pair of knitting needles, one easy summertime garment you can create is a bathing suit cover-up. 

Swimwear cover-ups or wraps are incredibly popular during this time of the year, as more people head down to the beach for vacation. You can find free knitting patterns online or come up with your own unique design. As always, don’t forget to add the finishing touch with one of our personalized woven labels. You might end up selling the one off your back!

Mason jars filled with food and bow tied with a spoon

Mason Jars With A Personalized Touch

Selling mason jars with a custom tweak can be a great item to add to your craft business! Perfect for a refreshing summertime drink or even home decor, mason jars are a staple of the season. Take your unique jars to the next level by adding personalized labels on the lid. Having labels on your handmade mason jar lids will set you apart from the other stands at your craft fair, and could give you an edge by selling traditional items with a twist.

Easy DIY crafts are fun to make and even more exciting to sell. This summer, come up with craft ideas that motivate you and make you the best crafter you can be! If you need any help choosing the best sewing labels for crafts, contact us today.

How to Get Your Kids Ready For Summer Camp

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Summer is almost here, which means your children are already jumping with joy at the thought of summer camp! Not only are summer camps great for children to build social skills and learn other abilities, but they’re also the perfect way to give parents a much-needed break after the long school year.

Yet, there are a few things parents need to do first in order to get their kids ready for summer camp. Here we will go over some important tasks to keep in mind as you prepare your children for their summer camp adventures:

Request a Must-Have List From the Camp

Most camps will provide parents with a packing list of essential items their child will need while away from home. Follow the list carefully and don’t forget to avoid things that the camp doesn’t allow, like video games or smartphones. Be sure to include all the important “stuff” like soap, shampoo, lots of clothes, masks, and swimming apparel.

Make a Doctor’s Appointment

Almost every summer camp will require your child to see a doctor prior to coming to camp, especially in today’s climate. They will also include medical forms that will need to be completed by a medical professional. Plan accordingly and schedule your appointment early to avoid last-minute rushing to the doctor’s office.

Label Everything

Every parent knows how kids are with their stuff. One trip to your child’s room, and you realize that, for the most part, kids are a mess! Now, imagine how chaotic and disorganized your child will be at camp, especially when surrounded by the articles of clothing and personal possessions of other kids.

Labels are essential to ensure your child knows exactly what items are his or hers and prevent the loss of water bottles, sports gear, clothing, and other things. Your child will also be able to better enjoy the camping experience without the fear of losing a favorite possession.

Sunblock, Sunblock, and More Sunblock

Being at summer camp means being outdoors a majority of the daytime hours. Sunblock is extremely important to avoid sunburns and potential damage to your child’s skin. It cannot be overstated that sunblock is an essential part of getting ready for summer camp. Granted, toiletries, soap, and other important items are vital for the camp experience, but remembering to pack sunblock and teaching your child how and when to apply it will ensure they don’t suffer from sunburn, which can spoil a lot of fun at summer camp.

Summer camp can be a great experience for children of all ages. By thoroughly preparing your child for summer camp, you are ensuring they experience an incredible adventure without the worry of forgetting something important. If you need high-quality labels for clothing, bedding, toiletries, and other personal items, contact the labeling experts at It’s Mine! Labels today.