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Custom Woven Labels

Woven Labels for Clothing and Handmade Items

Nothing adds a more elegant finishing touch to clothing and handmade items than personalized or custom woven labels. At It’s Mine! we offer a broad range of high quality woven clothing labels with an extensive selection of colors, designs, and fonts to choose from. Available in very low minimums, our beautiful personalized woven labels will be all that you need to add a traditional flourish to personal clothing, or give that professional mark of distinction to handmade items. Custom create your own clothing label!

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Sew on and Iron On Fabric Labels

Create Your Own Custom Labels!

Perfect for handmade or designer clothes, or accessories, our custom woven fabric labels come personalized with your own text, and can be purchased in a wide variety of designs and sizes. It’s Mine recognizes that people have very different ideas when it comes to custom labels for clothing. With our large selection of designs, fonts, and colors, it’s easy to create classic and elegant custom woven fabric labels that meet your needs.

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We believe that the quality of the clothing label reflects on the quality of the clothes or handmade items themselves. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name labels for kids’ clothes or personalized labels for your own handmade crafts, our custom woven fabric labels will look beautiful and stay firmly affixed to the clothes even after numerous cycles through the washer and dryer.. Create your own custom design with us in minutes, and get long-lasting custom fabric labels at a great price!


Nothing adds a more attractive finishing touch to clothing and handmade items than personalized woven clothing labels. At It’s Mine, we offer a broad range of high-quality, fully-embroidered custom woven fabric labels that are available in very low minimum quantities. These beautiful labels are all that you need to add a traditional flourish to personal clothing. Give that professional mark of distinction to handmade items!


Our clothing tags can be sewn on by hand or with a sewing machine. This traditional method is preferred by many and creates a strong and durable application. The thread can be the same color and blend in with the label itself, or you can choose a complementary color to highlight the thread as well as the custom label.

As an alternative, It’s Mine also offers iron-on clothing labels as an option for those who, whether for convenience or appearance, may not wish to use sew on labels. An extra strong, specially-formulated adhesive ensures that the custom fabric label sticks where it should, but the adhesive does not affect the quality of the clothing or label.


Due to their popularity, custom woven fabric labels are often the first type of clothing label people hear about. Still, they’re not the only option, and they may not always be the ideal choice for your family clothing or your business requirements. 

As an example, It’s Mine! offers snap-on clothing tags which are easy to apply, remove, and re-apply to clothes’ existing care labels. They’re well-suited for use as clothing tags for nursing homes, uniforms, and linens. With a specially-designed clothing tag applicator, only people with the applicator can remove the tags. Laser-etched text makes these labels easy to design and easy to read for quick identification. For stylish labels permanently affixed to your clothing, custom woven labels are a great choice, but if you’re looking for a reusable and cost-effective labeling system, don’t forget about this snap-on option.


Browse our extensive range of custom fabric labels below. Click on the name of the label you are interested in to access the relevant product page, where you can view all styles, colors, and fonts, and place an order.

If you have any further questions, including inquiries about custom artwork, shipping costs, and delivery times, please visit our Questions page.