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Labels for Summer

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Summer is here again, meaning, among other things, your kids are likely going away to summer camp soon. Don’t send them off without making sure you properly label all of their clothes and belongings with custom labels for kids though, otherwise they may come back with considerably lighter bags than they left with. Here are some labels to consider.

  • You’ll want to start with a low irritation clothing label, such as an iron on ink transfer or a softer woven label. These will ensure that your child can find their clothes in the messy pile of garments on the cabin floor as they are preparing to return home.
  • Stick-on labels are good for any of their harder items, such as iPods, chargers, glasses cases, toothbrushes and other similarly hard items.
  • Bag labels are available to label larger items, like shoe bags, duffel bags, instrument cases and the like depending on what kind of camp your child is attending.