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Convenient Name Labels

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If you are looking for name labels that are easy to attach to non-clothing items, there are several options open to you that are just as durable as custom clothing labels and sewing labels. Here are some of the best options from It’s Mine Labels that you should consider when labeling your loved ones’ belongings:

  • Stick-On Labels: These labels are perfect for attaching to non-fabric surfaces. They stick to almost anything, from plastic, to metal, to paper, and beyond, and are easy to attach and remove. They are available in a range of fun and standard designs, including allergy-alerting designs, and they are easy to see and read.
  • Bag Tags: Bag tags are incredibly useful for helping your children keep track of their many valuable backpacks, instruments, dance bags, sports bags, gym bags, and other bags or cases that they carry on a regular basis. In any of these activities, there are many other people around with similar or identical bags, which may make it difficult for your child to find their bag at the end of rehearsal or practice. A simple bag tag is incredibly useful for finding their bags again.
  • Shoe Labels: There are stick-on labels specially designed for shoes and clear shoe protectors to keep other labels safe on the inside sole of a shoe. These are perfect if your kid has to change shoes at an after school activity, or during P.E. in Jr. High or High School. They are also ideal if your elderly loved one is entering a facility where they may mix up their shoes.