Easy Burp Cloths

Easy Burp Cloths

New parents love to receive custom gifts with name labels added to them for a personal feel. For the next baby shower you go to, consider making customized burp cloths for the baby. You can choose any color and pattern for each cloth.

  1. Purchase a large pack of Gerber cloth diapers. The absorbent material these are made of is excellent for use as a burp cloth.
  2. Wash and iron all the fabric and the burp cloths.
  3. Measure a cloth diaper and cut fabric that is the same length and one inch wider than each section you plan to sew on the burp cloth.
  4. Fold the edges of the sides of fabric in, and iron. Flip them over, and place folded sides down onto each burp cloth. Pin in place.
  5. Use a zigzag stitch on all four sides of the burp cloths.
  6. Alternatively, you can use a Silhouette cutting machine to cut out custom shapes to sew onto each cloth.

It’s really easy to customize these burp cloths. You can choose to add patterned material to the sides and middle, or create a chevron pattern to add to them. The sky is the limit, here. Having a computerized cutting machine, such as the Silhouette, is an added bonus, since you can make so many more custom images and other designs to add to the cloths. Add each tag to the side of the cloth, or slide it partially under the section you sew onto the cloth, for an easy gift that every mom will love.

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