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Successful Labeling Strategies

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One important element of owning a small clothing business, whether you are designing and manufacturing clothes or selling them in a small shop, is designing a focused, clear labeling plan. This will help you brand your company in a manner that is memorable, since packaging and name labels are the two first elements of your product that a customer is likely to note.

Here are three elements that will help you design a successful labeling strategy:

  1. First and foremost, you must plan ahead. Decide what your logo will look like, what your message will be, and what information you will include on your label, before hitting the drawing board. If you don’t, your label will look unfocused and will be ineffective in creating a brand that you are happy to represent.
  1. Make sure your label looks like it was designed professionally. This means design simple, clean logos, instead of pulling them off of clip art websites, and pick a font that is clear and easy to read. If your font is too script-y and your colors don’t work well together, customers won’t take your company or your brand seriously.
  1. Keep in mind the size of your clothing label, and limit yourself as to what you try to include. There isn’t space for your company name, your phone number, your email, your address and a large, fancy logo on your custom clothing label. Choose the information you need, because it’s better to have a logo with white space, than one that is completely full. In the end, it should look clean and be easy to read.