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9 Things to Make from Old Jeans

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Finding new and interesting uses for your name labels is not hard to do. When your old jeans give out, you can turn them into many cute and crafty items that you can keep or give away as gifts. Below are 10 possible things you can do with your old jeans:

  1. Make denim Christmas stockings with your old jeans. If the denim color does not appeal to you, you can dye them different colors.
  2. Denim baby bibs look very cute. They are also deceptively easy to make.
  3. A unique use for old jeans is a denim placemat. You can use the pockets for storing silverware and a napkin.
  4. When it gets cold, scarves are in. For a unique look, take your old jeans and turn them into different types of scarves.
  5. Denim balls and beanbags are fun crafts to make with your kids. You can then use these to play games, such as corn hole.
  6. Turn the old jeans into oven mitts very easily. This could save you a lot of money, since you’ll use the oven mitts instead of heading to the emergency room with burned palms.
  7. Denim is a thick and resilient fabric. You can use your jeans to create sling-style plant holders or pot covers.
  8. There are many ways to create a floor mat using old denim jeans. You can weave strips or use other scraps of material to make a mat that will last.
  9. Coffee cozies are cute craft items that are easy to make. Use your sewing skills to make them out of old jeans.

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