Label Your Handmade Goodies with Custom Woven Labels

Label Your Handmade Goodies with Custom Woven Labels

When you discover your crafty side and begin making handmade items at home, you could be on the verge of the next big thing! As more and more people take notice of your handmade items, whether they be clothes, blankets, or other types of apparel, you want to make sure that they know who made the items. That is where our custom woven labels spring into action. It’s Mine Labels offers a large selection of labels that are ideal for labeling your handmade items with your name or business name.

You spend hours of time on each precious item. Adding a label ensures that everyone who sees it will know that you made it. If you start your own home-based business, our labels will proudly display your business name, which is a great form of advertising. If you are not a small business owner, and you just want to add a heartfelt label to one of your items, our labels are the perfect choice.

You can choose from several label styles, and you choose from different size fonts. You can create a custom label that fits perfectly with your handmade item — nothing ugly or obtrusive over here! You can even add more than one line of text, so if you have business slogan, it will easily fit on the label. The woven texture of the labels ensures a professional, polished look and feel — much like you would find on designer clothing.

Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels to learn more about our woven labels, and let one of our representatives help you place your first order. The pricing is affordable, shipping is timely, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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