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Tips for Those With Sensitive Skin

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We here at It’s Mine Labels understand how annoying tags and labels can be if you have sensitive skin, so we’ve created label and tag options for people will all types of skin, from tough to princess-and-the-pea sensitive.

If you have sensitive skin, start by avoiding most sew-on labels. The added thread and edges can irritate your skin more easily. You should also look for fabric that is softer and more natural, like silky fabric or cotton instead of polyester. Iron-on labels are a moderately good alternative to sew-on labels, since the edges tend to be more flush with the fabric they are attached to.

For those who find even these too irritating, ink transfers offer less room for irritation. Placing the label or tag on a nontraditional portion of your garment may also help alleviate irritation, such as just inside a loose sleeve, or right above the bottom hem. Try different areas and see which part works the best for you.

Attractive Labels for Reluctant Teens

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If you have teenagers, you may be all too familiar with the struggle between practicality and their wish to fit in. When it comes to labeling items that may get lost at school, they can be particularly reluctant. At the end of the day though, making sure that their iPod is properly labeled so it can be returned when they lose it is more important than damaging their cool, so here are some It’s Mine Labels stick on labels that have a hip-enough design to pass their cool test.

These stick on labels are simple, glossy strips of material that can be brightly colored. and often there is one line of text in another color. If you have a teenage girl, order hot pink labels with turquoise text, or if you have a boy, order green strips with deep blue text. On the contrary, if your teen would rather the label be inconspicuous, you could opt for white with a lighter, neutral grey color for the text.

Creative Place Card Label Ideas

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Planning holiday meals or dinner parties can be fun since they give you so many opportunities to be creative. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve found for unique place cards using labels like It’s Mine Labels stick on labels.

  • If you like baking and have an abundance of cake decorating tips, order stick on labels, place them on a fancy place card or an attractive cut out from a baking item box, such as a cake mix box, and use a decorating tip as the base to hold the card up. The tip will have to have spiky ends so that the card can be held fast.
  • If you regularly have the same people at dinner parties or family meals, order sew or iron on labels and attach them to cloth napkins. Then, fold the napkins in a fancy pattern and place them at the respective person’s seat at the table.

If you order a particularly attractive stick on label, you could attach it to a tea light candleholder and place a lit candle at each place at the table.

Unique Uses for Labels

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In addition to labeling new clothing, linens and accessory items that are for sale, the wide selection of labels from It’s Mine Labels can be put to many different creative uses. Here are a few of the best unconventional uses for labels that we have found.


  • Attach labels to the collars of your kids’ clothes when they go away to college. This way if they leave something in the laundry room or if someone borrows something, there’s no doubt about whom the clothes belong to. A label is slightly more lasting and creative than simply writing in their name with a sharpie.


  • If you own a pet and don’t like hearing the sound of clanking pet tags every time your animal runs through the house, sew a label onto his or her collar with their name and your contact information in case your pet gets lost.  They are also ideal for dog beds, blankets, and their other valuable belongings.


  • Young children are constantly losing things. Sew a label onto your elementary school child’s backpack and lunchbox. This way if they lose either, they can be easily identified and returned.

Get That Classic Look

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If you are looking for a label that gives your items a more classic look, the selection of sew-on woven labels from It’s Mine Labels are ideal. These labels can be personalized to lend your item a traditional, beautiful hand-made feel, whether you are looking to put the finishing touch on linens, clothes, accessories or other items for your store or loved ones.

The sew-on labels are available in a variety of styles: Classic Woven Labels, Designer Woven Labels and Woven ID labels.  These labels can accommodate one to three lines of text depending on which style you choose. A large range of colors, fonts, icons and sizes is available so that you can design a label that is absolutely perfect for your items.

The labels are especially ideal if you have handmade products, since it’s hard to beat the classic look that sew-on labels provide, so begin designing your label here today.