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Attractive Labels for Reluctant Teens

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If you have teenagers, you may be all too familiar with the struggle between practicality and their wish to fit in. When it comes to labeling items that may get lost at school, they can be particularly reluctant. At the end of the day though, making sure that their iPod is properly labeled so it can be returned when they lose it is more important than damaging their cool, so here are some It’s Mine Labels stick on labels that have a hip-enough design to pass their cool test.

These stick on labels are simple, glossy strips of material that can be brightly colored. and often there is one line of text in another color. If you have a teenage girl, order hot pink labels with turquoise text, or if you have a boy, order green strips with deep blue text. On the contrary, if your teen would rather the label be inconspicuous, you could opt for white with a lighter, neutral grey color for the text.