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Tips for Creating Better Woven Labels

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Custom woven labels are classic, but poor designs can result in out-dated, unpleasant looking clothing labels instead of charming, timeless tags. Here are some tips for improving your woven labels and making sure that each label is a homerun:

  1. Make sure you start with vectored, clean artwork that you can scale. We recommend doing this in Adobe Illustrator or a similar program. Your artwork should both meet your standards and expectations, and be simple enough so that once it is created, it is still readable and clean-looking. Try playing with a textured weave in the background to spice up your label.
  2. Make sure your text is focused. If it is too small, it will not be readable in a woven label, and you may want to change your design to a printed label. Make sure the font is also readable. If it is too spidery and thin, then it will not print well once it is woven into a custom clothing label.
  3. Request a print test with your label so that you can ensure all text is readable, your logo doesn’t look distorted, and the colors all work together well and match your company’s image. You want to make sure you are happy with your product before you commit to ordering several hundred for your clothing line.
  4. Consider how you will be attaching your label when you design it. For instance, you don’t want to put essential text right where you will be stitching your label onto your garment.