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Best Uses for Iron-On Labels

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Sew-on labels can be great for preserving the homemade, traditional feel of your knitted garments, or preventing more delicate materials from being damaged, but they can also take a long time to attach, and may fall off if you don’t do it properly. Iron-on clothing labels are newer than sew-on labels, but are a great alternative for many situations.

  • If you don’t own a sewing machine, and don’t have the time to hand sew on any labels, ironing on name labels can be a much better option. The labels still look clean and professional, but can be attached in a matter of seconds, instead of several minutes. This may seem trivial, now, but when you need to attach custom clothing labels to several hundred garments at a time, this can mean hours and hours saved.
  • If you are attaching labels for someone who has sensitive skin, the iron-on ink transfers don’t add any extra irritation, and have a professional, unique look to them. The added thread and edges of a sewn-in label can cause itching and irritation, but ink transfers eliminate all of these variables for a smooth, no-fuss label.
  • Iron-on labels are great for linens like sheets, tablecloths and cloth napkins, since you don’t need to add thread to the top. Thread can ruin the perfect, seamless look of an otherwise beautiful tablecloth, but an iron-on label is discreet and won’t add any distracting features to your linen.