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Fall Uses for Shoe Bags

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Shoe bags from It’s Mine Labels are drawstring bags made from nylon, and are typically used to keep shoes together and to keep them separate from other items in a backpack or suitcase. They can be incredibly useful if you or a loved one is constantly misplacing one or both of your shoes, and can keep your other items clean if you need to transport muddy sneakers or other pairs of dirty shoes.

You may find, once you order shoe bags, that you have extra bags lying around. Here are some ideas — perfect for fall — for shoe bags:

  • Since shoe bags have a name printed on them, you can also use them as a name label for loose items. For example, if your child is in a sport like lacrosse or baseball, they can keep their extra balls contained in their name-labeled shoe bag. This is much easier than trying to attach a clothing label or a personalized woven label, and looks much more sophisticated than writing a name in permanent marker, and also gives your child a way to carry their sporting equipment.
  • If your child is going to a training camp, and you don’t want to send their school backpack since it will get dirty, send one of their shoe bags, instead. These bags are large enough to hold a water bottle, a notebook and other small supplies, and won’t get dirty or tear as easily. Since they are a bright color, they are also easy to keep track of.