Breathe New Life into Your Clothing by Reworking Your Wardrobe

Breathe New Life into Your Clothing by Reworking Your Wardrobe

If you are tired of your same old apparel and clothing, it is easy to consider tossing it out and replacing everything with new items. However, you may already have a closet full of great items you can transform into new and exciting pieces, with a little bit of work, and save some money at the same time.

  • Create multi-colored sweaters. Cut sweaters in half, and then sew different bottom and top sections back together to create a brand new look. You could also cut them in half down the middle for a completely different look.
  • Convert a full length dress into a new blouse and skirt. If you have full length dresses you rarely wear, rather than getting rid of them, pick up sewing patterns from a sewing shop and convert the dresses into skirts, blouses, and other clothing items you will wear more often.

Custom Clothing Labels

  • Convert long sleeved tops into short sleeves or sleeveless. If you find you have plenty of long sleeved tops, but not as many short sleeved or sleeveless ones, cut the sleeves to the desired length, or completely remove them. Just remember to create a hem to prevent the garment from fraying.
  • Create your own skorts. Take a pair of leggings, cut and hemmed to the desired length, and sew them to the inside, outer seams of a skirt to make your own skorts.
  • Convert full length pants into capris. If you notice the seams and bottom cuff on pants are wearing out, fraying, and looking bad, but the rest of the material is still in great shape, simply cut the bottom portion off and convert the pants into capris.

Hopefully, these suggestions will get your inspiration flowing to come up with more ways to rework your wardrobe and give new life to your clothing and apparel. One last tip: replace manufacturer labels with your own custom clothing labels on all of the pieces you create. For assistance with finding the right labels to use on your new creations, do not hesitate to contact It’s Mine! Labels by phoning 1-866-695-2235 now.


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