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Summer Camp Essentials: Everything that isn’t on your packing list

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Whatever essentials your child takes to summer camp, don’t forget this

packing for summer camp

When sending your child off to summer camp – whether sleepaway or day camp – we all know the standard items to pack – socks, underwear, toiletries, shoes, etc. Beyond the basics, there are several items that can make your child’s experience away at camp even better:

  1. Clip fan – Being out all day in the hot summer sun can wipe out even the most energetic child, so make sure they return to a bunk that will help them cool off with a clip-on fan. These fans come with a stand as well in case there is an extra surface to place it on.
  2. Instax or film camera – Pictures are worth a 1000 words – sending your child with an instant camera helps them remember the best memories from the summer. This is also perfect for camps that have a ‘no electronics policy’.
  3. Journal – Some kids enjoy taking time at the end of the day to write down their feelings and activities that they’ve enjoyed. If they’ve taken pictures on a camera that prints instantly, they can add in photos making a scrapbook of their time at camp.
  4. Book(s) – Camp is jam-packed with fun activities for engaging your child. Even so, there will be times where there’s a lull in the action and everyone can chill out and take a break. A good book will entertain your kids as well as keep them engaged over school break. Rather than taking a pen to identify the book as belonging to your child, use a custom stick-on name label on the inside cover!
  5. Refillable water bottle – Make sure your child stays hydrated by sending them with a refillable water bottle. Most camps have fountains where they can fill up a bottle with fresh, cool water. For those inevitable days when they forget their bottle in the food hall, make sure you attach a custom waterproof name label to the bottle so it finds its way back to them.
  6. Day bag/backpack – For sleepaway camps, while you’re packing all your kid’s items in a suitcase or trunk, don’t forget to grab a small bag they can take around camp with them. A tote, sling bag, or backpack is essential for taking around everything they need for the day. Using a fun, custom bag tag will help them identify their items amongst a sea of other kids’ bags, and will help ensure no one else runs off with their stuff. Our personalized shoe bags also make great day bags for summer camp!

To make sure everything that went to camp with your child comes home with them when camp is over, make sure you stock up with our labels!

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