How to Get Your Designs Seen

How to Get Your Designs Seen

You’ve finished your first clothing collection, complete with sketches or ready-to-wear samples: now what? If you don’t have the resources to complete a full line, you’ll need to get noticed by a buyer to bring your designs to life. From attending trade shows, to offering customization like clothing labels, read on for more tips to get your designs noticed.


Use Social Media

The first step every designer should take to get the word out about their designs is establishing a web presence. There are many resources available online to create a free website to showcase sketches or completed products. After you’ve created an online landing page for your work, network with other designers in your area to build rapport and connections. If you have ready-to-wear samples, you can also work with journalists online to offer free or discounted product in exchange for publicity.


Customize Your Line

Add flair to your designs by including signature details such as embellishment or custom woven labels. You can also use name labels to signify your designs. As more people learn about your collection, the trademark customizations will work as part of your brand identity.


Organize a Local Runway Show

Chances are, if you went to design school or have otherwise connected with like-minded designers, you know others who are looking to get their work noticed. The saying “strength in numbers” applies here: Team up with other fashion professionals to stage a local runway show! Ask around, and assemble a list of designers and their availability (remember, some may need time to pull a collection together). You can use your network to tap an extended group of fashion professionals, such as journalists, photographers, models, and more.  To advertise the show, use word of mouth and put up signs in public places like schools or coffee shops. The more eyes on your designs, the more interest you’ll have in your work.


Go to Trade Events

Trade shows are a great place to make new connections and maintain existing relationships. Here are a few popular shows for those looking to start out:

  • Bread and Butter: For ready-to-wear and streetwear clothing, taking place in a new destination each year – from Berlin to Barcelona. This year, the event takes place in Seoul.
  • POOL: Offers buying potential for retailers of all sizes, from well-known brands to new talent. This event takes place August 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, so be sure to book your flight now.
  • Designers & Agents: With shows in New York and Los Angeles, Designers & Agents boasts thousands of collections from emerging retailers. Happening in fall 2015, the event is expected to draw talent from the United States, Europe, Japan, and beyond – will your designs be included?
  • PROJECT: Created specifically for retailers of clothing and accessories for both men and women, the PROJECT trade show takes place every February and August in Las Vegas. This is the place to be if you have advanced contemporary, premium denim, or designer collections to show.


If you’re a fashion designer looking to get your designs noticed, be sure to explore traditional and modern venues for widespread success. Network with other designers online and in-person, and explore creative ways to set yourself apart from the crowd, such as personalized details and embellishments. To learn how custom labels from It’s Mine Labels can help you diversify your brand, call 1-866-695-2235.


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