Couples and Pet Names

Couples and Pet Names

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing. You are sharing your life with someone special, someone that loves you and has the same values you have. You may even have endearing pet names for each other. There are lots of common pet names to choose from, such as “sweetheart,” “baby,” and “honey.” You may also use something more original, such as “honey-baby-boo.” No matter what pet names you use, we have the custom woven labels you need to display your pet names with pride! There are several reasons why using pet names is a good option for couples, including:

  • Pet names are an indicator of relationship satisfaction. When couples are happy in a relationship, they tend to use pet names. When their satisfaction level is low, the tendency to use pet names drops — in some cases, pet names are no longer used. So, as long as you and your mate are happy, you will likely use pet names.
  • Pet names indicate to others that you are both in a committed relationship and not looking for romance elsewhere. So, if you want to send a clear message to the outside world that you are taken, then use pet names with your partner. There will never be any doubt that you both are in a relationship.
  • Pet names help keep you close. Often, pet names are private jokes, such as calling your wife “sugar-lips” because of her sweet kisses. When pet names are private jokes between you and your mate, there is an increased sense of closeness. After all, no one else but the two of you knows that you call your husband “cowboy” because of his hilarious John Wayne impression.

Now that you know why you should use pet names in your relationship, here are some fun ways you can use our labels to display your pet names.

  • Create a label displaying your pet names, and attach it to something like a sofa pillow in the shape of heart. When company comes over, if they see the label, they will see it as an indicator of your love.
  • Add a label to your husband’s lunch box — when he goes to work, his co-workers will know that he is loved. Of course, he might also have to deal with some light-hearted teasing once his co-workers find out that you call him “sugar-bear.”
  • Use your pet names labels on personal belongings, such as undergarments. There will be a special sense of intimacy knowing that you are wearing your pet name during your long day at work. You and your mate can even come up with special days to wear the labeled garments, such as on date nights.

It doesn’t matter if your pet names are common or unique — all that really matters is that you use them to demonstrate your extra-special relationship. From “baby” to “lady,” pet names are a definite sign of a happy, healthy relationship.

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