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More Travel Essentials

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We outlined several perfect labels for travel in our previous blog, including bag tags with your name and phone number, shoe bags to keep your shoes quarantined, and stick-on personalized clothing labels for your garments. Here are a few more labels that will make travel painless this summer:

  • Stick-On Labels: Stick-on name labels with a name and a phone number are perfect for all of your non-clothing items, including toiletries, electronics, books, toys, and more. These help prevent lost items, and are easy to attach and remove. They are also moisture and heat resistant, making them long-lasting and durable.
  • Snap-On Tags: These tags adhere directly to clothing labels and are a great custom clothing label alternative, as they snap on and snap off when you want them to. They are perfect if you need something that is extra durable, like if you have a toddler or a rebellious teen, and will ensure that all items are returned if lost. We recommend ordering a few with your phone number and attaching them to the tags of expensive jackets or scarves, as you are more likely to accidentally leave these behind in public than your other garments.
  • Satin Labels: If you or one of your loved ones has particularly sensitive skin, satin labels are perfect. They achieve the same goal as snap-on tags or stick-on tags, but don’t irritate skin. They also don’t add any thread that can create bulges in the fabric, or itch, as they iron on seamlessly. These are available in white or black, and come with a wide range of symbols, designs, and colors.