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Labels for Delicate Items

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Having custom clothing labels on your items is essential, if you own a small boutique or make handcrafted items like knitted scarves or sweaters. They help distinguish and identify your items as your own, and will remind your loved ones and customers of the care with which you made the items they are wearing. If you design or make delicate clothing items, you need to take extra care in selecting your name labels.  Here are some tips for creating and choosing the perfect clothing labels for your delicate clothing items and linens:

  1. First, consider the method with which you will attach your labels. Many delicate items can’t undergo extreme heat, which rules out iron-on labels. Sewing labels are probably your best bet for fabrics like silk or satin.
  2. Next, consider the material you want your labels to be made from. Woven labels have an old-fashioned look to them, but they are slightly hardier than silk labels. Silk labels are delicate and soft, and are often the top choice for soft, delicate items, since they are made from the same or similar material.
  3. Now think about the design. You don’t want a crowded, “heavy” design on a thin, light garment. Keep your design even simpler, and make sure your logo doesn’t overpower the rest of the label, or the garment itself.
  4. Finally, decide where you want to attach the label. You can attach it at the back of the neck, as is most common, or you can sew it inside the bottom hem or loop it around the sleeve cuff. There is no right answer, here; it simply depends on your design and your preference.