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Bag Tag Uses

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Bag Tag Uses
Bag tags function as the perfect name labels for many different types of bags, and are versatile enough to be used for years as your children grow and their activities change. Here are a few of our favorite uses for these custom name labels:

  • They can be used on sporting bags, since they are sturdy, moisture resistant, and don’t start to deteriorate after heavy use and exposure to weather. A custom bag tag is also perfect in these situations, since most of the bags that the other kids bring will be identical to your child’s bag and will have the same items inside.
  • They can also be used on instrument cases to help your child keep track of their instrument in band.
  • Bag tags make the perfect luggage tags since the names are permanently printed on them. The names can’t be lost, and there is no paper that can fall out or be lost in transit.
  • These are also perfect for duffel bags and backpacks, and can prevent your child from losing or mixing up their bags while at summer camp or school.
  • If your child wants to take something valuable to show and tell at school, put the item in a bag and attach one of these bag tags to the outside. This will ensure the heirloom is returned to you at the end of the day, even if your child forgets it in the corner of the classroom.
  • If your elementary school child has a lunch box that is nondescript or too popular, attach a fun bag tag to help them keep theirs straight from their friends.