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Why Use Bag Tags?

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Keeping track of belongings, especially when traveling with children, is tough. Bag tags are not sewing labels, but a large name label that attaches to purses, bags, and suitcases. The label displays the bag owner’s name in a large font, allowing everyone to see whose bag it is. These tags are great to have for many uses beyond travelling:

  1. The tags are durable. This means that kids have to try really hard to destroy them. The bag tags are printed on credit card plastic, which is tough and can take a beating. The tags will not bend, and breaking them is difficult.
  2. Each tag has room for five lines of text. This means that you can add an address or phone number along with the name. Return information can also be added to the tag without adding an address for privacy concerns.
  3. There are many tag designs to choose from to add variety. Kids will enjoy having a tag with cool designs on it. In addition, there are separate kid-friendly designs.
  4. Tags include a lanyard that allows the tag to attach to bags easily. This lanyard is made of strong plastic and is unlikely to come off with normal use. Tags can attach to almost any part of a bag using the lanyard.
  5. Smaller mini bag tags are available for smaller bags such as lunch boxes or small backpacks. These tags have enough space for two lines of text and are printed on the same tough plastic. They hook onto items using a strong metal chain.

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