Custom Bright Bookends

Custom Bright Bookends

Beyond making colorful children’s clothing, you can make fun bookends and sew fun name labels on each. These bookends are really easy to make and can add pops of color to a room. Best of all, you can make them out of almost any type of material and use any colors you wish.

  1. Start off by choosing your fabrics. Because these are so simple to make, you can make many at once for gifts or for your craft circle. A thicker, heavy weight fabric is best, and you can also repurpose clothing for this project.
  2. Cut out 8” by 10” pieces of fabric. You’ll need two for each of the bookends. For fun, you can mix and match different colors and patterns of fabrics.
  3. Place the right sides together of each set. Sew three sides on each one with a 1/2” seam allowance. Pull each bookend right side out.
  4. Fill a sealable plastic bag with your choice of materials. Some good materials to try include sand, peas, beans, dried corn, and any other round pellets. Experiment with different materials to see which ones work best.
  5. Place the baggy into the material and topstitch around the whole bag. When finishing the top, insert a label into the open seams.

Use the bookends as gifts or use them at home to spice up the bookshelf. This is one of the easiest sewing projects you can try, and it is great for beginners to learn. Adding name labels makes these a personal gift, especially for children.

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