How to Write Care Clothing Label Instructions

How to Write Care Clothing Label Instructions

Now that you know how to create a clothing care label, you need to know how to write the content of you clothing labels. While it may seem simple, writing content that meets all of the listed requirements can be much more complicated.

First, you must include washing instructions or dry cleaning instructions, and if the garment cannot be cleaned using either process, you need to say “Do not wash, do not dry clean.” If the garment can be cleaned with either process, only include the instructions for one on the custom clothing label.

Let’s start with an example of washing instructions. You need to include whether the garment must be hand or machine washed, and which temperature should be used. If a certain temperature will harm the garment, that should be included.

  • Machine wash cold. (Hot water should not be used.)
  • Hand wash cold. (Avoid warm or hot water.)

If the garment can be bleached without being harmed, then you don’t need to include any information. However if a certain kind of bleach will harm the product, you need to state which bleach may be used.

  • “Only use chlorine bleach when necessary.”

Next, you need to include information on drying the garment, such as whether it needs to be machine dried or hand dried, and which temperature should be used. Include any warnings for procedures and such that may harm the garment. The goal is to make sure the care sewing label provides all information for proper care of the garment, and, as long as you have covered all of the above bases, you should be good.

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