Labels for Nursing Home Residents

Labels for Nursing Home Residents

One of the most challenging tasks that many families have to undertake at some point, is moving a loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility.  The process can be overwhelming with both emotional and practical considerations to take into account.

Whether a family member or friend is moving into a facility full-time or just staying for a while to recover from a procedure, virtually all organizations will request that all belongings are clearly marked.  Items can get left behind in communal  areas, get picked up by another resident, or get misplaced in the laundry.

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A laundry marker can sometimes be a quick and easy solution for labeling clothing, but there is a risk that the ink will fade during the laundering process when applied directly onto fabric.  A durable label can be an extremely cost-effective way to ensure that valuable clothes are returned to the right person!

For most comfortable clothing, such as cotton shirts, pants, undershirts, etc. a smooth iron in label is ideal. They are discreet, but easy to spot inside clothing.  An iron on label is often considered a perfect solution as they are quick and easy to apply, and will stay on in aggressive laundry situations.

If certain items have a satin care label inside them (often found on a seam) a personalized stick on clothing label can be a wonderful choice.  These are simply pressed onto a care label and will stay on in the washing machine and dryer.

For cozy sweaters, shawls, blankets, fleece and other items that do not have a smooth surface, a sew on label would be perfect.  Sew on labels can be produced with the residents name embroidered onto it, giving an elegant look to a practical item.  With a quick stitch in each corner of the label, these will also stay on in the laundry, and can be removed if necessary.

For toiletries, walkers, photograph frames, ornaments, and other items with a hard smooth surface, a waterproof stick on label works very well.  Again, with the residents name clearly printed on the label, any misplaced items can easily be returned to the rightful owner.

If a family isn’t sure how many labels they will need, the facility will be happy to furnish a suggested list of items. If only a few labels are needed at a time, a durable laundry marker with some blank stick on and iron labels might be a good solution.

For more advice on the best labeling solutions for nursing home residents, please call our office at (866) 695-2235 and the staff will be delighted to assist you.




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